We are changing the way people deliver quality web apps.

UI-licious is founded in September 2016, as part of the pioneer batch of Entrepreneur First Singapore.

We provide an intuitive and robust solution for testing the user interface of web applications.


Uilicious's founders are talented full-stack web application developers who have been building large web applications, with complex testing requirements, for many years.


Eugene has been expertly designing and deploying scalable infrastructure for web applications for several years.
He spends his spare time breaking things apart and reinventing the wheel.
He loves to contribute to the software developer community, and has published several libraries to public repositories.

Shi Ling

Shi Ling is master at building complex but elegant user interfaces for web applications across multiple browsers, devices, and resolutions. She is the go to person for fixing user interface issues.
And, she adores cats.


Software Engineer
Software Engineer
We are hiring!

Join Us

We are currently growing our team, and we looking for people to fulfil these roles:

Office Administrator

We are looking for an office administrator to support our team.

As a office administrator, you will:

  • Perform clerical tasks
  • Coordinate schedules within the team and with external parties
  • Screen incoming communications from external parties and take appropriate actions to follow up or redirect them to other team members
  • Provide logistical support to the team in day-to-day operations and for occasional events

Drop us your resume at [email protected].

Technical Sales

We are looking for a technical salesperson to acquire new customers.

You must have industrial experience in developing and/or testing web apps.

As an technical sales person, you will:

  • Identify leads and reach out to them
  • Understand individual customers' business, technology and testing requirements
  • Write tests to demonstrate use of our system
  • Manage post-sales transition to operations team

Drop us your resume at [email protected].

Technical Lead (DevOps)

We are looking for an experienced web developer to plan and maintain our infrastructure in a scalable manner, and facilitate deployments using continuous integration tools.

You should to be familiar with all of the following:

  • Docker, Linux administration, Jenkins, and cloud services

You should be knowledgeable about concepts like http protocol, infrastructure planning and setup, and security.

You will also be involved in developing our core web technologies, so you should have some experience with front- and back-end web development, with these skills in particular:

  • Javascript, HTML, CSS
  • At least one OOP language, preferably Java
  • SQL

And of course, you are expected to do boring stuff like documentation. ;)

Drop us your resume at [email protected].

Technical Lead (Web Developer)

We are looking for an experienced web developer to design, plan, and lead the development of our core web technologies.

You should be familiar with all of the following:

  • Front-end:
    • Javascript, HTML, CSS
    • VueJS (or something similar)
    • Webpack (or something similar)
  • Back-end:
    • NodeJS (ExpressJS)
    • Java
  • Database: SQL

You should be knowledgeable about modern concepts in the software engineering industry, particularly in the web development landscape, such as OOP, RESTful APIs, caching, responsive web, TDD, etc., and make sensible architectural decisions.

You will occasionally be asked to support customers in testing their websites.

And of course, you are expected to do boring stuff like documentation. ;)

Drop us your resume at [email protected].