Today we have much exciting news to announce as we add a new web browser to UI-licious and improve our paid offerings.

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The latest version of Microsoft Edge is here

Since its launch in 2020, the new Chromium-based version of Microsoft Edge has been adopted by more and more users around the world. Today, nearly 6% of American Internet users browse with this version of Edge, while its legacy version accounts for only less than one percent of the US market.

Therefore, it was essential for us to provide you with this web browser so that you can ensure that your projects work properly on it. This is now done with our latest release!

We added the Chromium-based Microsoft Edge in our Pro and Pro Plus plans. You can start testing with this new web browser right away if you use UI-licious on one of these offers.

Try it now

⚠️ Important note: If you currently have jobs on Microsoft Edge, they will continue to run scheduled tests on the legacy version of Microsoft Edge. You need to manually enable the new Chromium-based Microsoft Edge on the jobs if you want to test on the new version of this browser.

New Pro and Pro Plus plans

The legacy version of Microsoft Edge becomes exclusive to the Pro Plus plan. Thus, Pro Plus users can now run tests on three generations of Microsoft web browsers - Internet Explorer 11, Edge (2019), and Edge (Chromium). This offer is perfect for testers who need to work on sensitive projects that must support all web browsers.

⚠️ For existing Pro users: There is nothing to worry about here! We have only added the new version of Microsoft Edge to your offer. You can still use the legacy version in your tests

The Pro Plan is now cheaper

As we changed the content of the Pro plan by replacing the Edge legacy version with its Chromium version, we decided to significantly reduce the price of these offers.

Concurrencies New Price Old Price
4 $360 $480
6 $504 $720
8 $648 $960
10 $792 $1200
32 $2376 $3840

As you can see on the table above, Pro plan monthly pricing is now starting at $360 per month for four concurrencies. This offer used to be at $480.

This new pricing does not automatically apply to existing customers. However, if you do not need to run tests on the Edge legacy version, you can change your current offer to one of these new packages at any time.

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Unlimited testing with the Basic plan

The Basic plan is also evolving with the addition of new features that used to be exclusive to Pro and Pro plans:

  • Regions: Locate yourself in different parts of the world during your tests.
  • User-Agent: Fine-tune your test environment on Chrome and Firefox.
  • PDF Export: Further improve communication within your team by sharing your bug reports in a popular format.
  • Up to 15 projects: That’s a lot of ideas you will have to test!
  • Unlimited jobs: Automate your tests as much as you need.

By adding and enhancing these features, we hope that Basic plan users will rely on UI-licious as much as possible in their testing strategies. We want to democratize our intuitive approach to testing because we believe our solution is the easiest and most flexible way to ensure that any web project delivers an outstanding experience.

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New commands and improvements

Along with a new web browser integration and paid plan changes, we have also added additional commands, released improvements, and fixed bugs.

🚀 10 new commands

  • Page titles: You can now validate and get the page title in your tests using the two new commands I.seePageTitle() and I.getPageTitle().
  • Attributes and HTML: Collect or inspect the attributes and HTML code of an element using the commands: UI.getAttributes(target), UI.getHTML(target), UI.getOuterHTML(target), and UI.getInnerHTML(target).
  • Local storage: Access and perform actions on your local storage space using the following four commands: UI.LocalStorage.get(name), UI.LocalStorage.set(name, value), UI.LocalStorage.delete(name), UI.LocalStorage.deleteAll(name).

✨ 2 improvements

  • Blue interaction markers are now added to selection commands to indicate which element is being targeted by the command.
  • We improved the ambiguity resolution for selection commands like or I.deselect.

🐞 1 bug fix

  • We fixed a bug that caused the command not to indicate the action was blocked by an alert, even though it was successful.

Find out more about all these new features in our detailed release notes.

We hope you will enjoy these improvements. May you have a great summer testing your products or taking a break with the confidence that your projects are working perfectly.

Cover image: Credits to Alan Tang