Note: this article was originally launched on on oct 27

First soft launched on — when youtube was down

The idea behind this, is to allow users to write clear test scripts, and bug reports that can be easily understandable, repeatable, and most importantly publicly shareable!

Typically, writing bug reports would be tedious or inaccurate. Sometimes the developers maybe unable to replicate the bug even with the steps provided!

Hence snippets, where anyone can easily write simple test scripts, without complex hard coding of css selectors, or even login. And attach a shareable link that contains the results, to fire it off to the developers immediately.

Update: More details regarding our testing language can be found in its companion post here — Taking the horror out of UI testing 😱

Would love to hear any feedback on our product / its launch 🚀

Special thanks to : my co-founder @taishiling, and the rest of the team (@jmtiong, wesley, @sopnopriyo, chai ling) — you folks are awesome 😁

Update : funny meta example, that i didn’t expect to find

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