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UIlicious and Eezee: Delivering a Powerful Customer Experience through Automation

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Eezee, launched in 2017, is an online retailer where businesses can find and compare the best prices of over 45,000 business and industrial supplies from over 600 verified suppliers to purchase. For business-to-business (B2B) buyers who desire a fresh and wide selection of products, quality customer service that centers their customers, and the best value for their business, Eezee is the way to go. 

To Eezee, customer-centric customer experiences are where the genuine value of their business rests. Eezee recognized that despite technology advancements, B2B companies faced the challenge of procurement to continue daily business operations. Supply chain issues caused by lack of transparency, outdated technology, and time consumption all affect the procurement process. Eezee offers to solve these problems through transparency and efficiency by making the acquisition process efficient and transparent on its platform. 

Still, for the start-up to become the largest industrial marketplace in Singapore today, the team faced challenges in supporting its growing customer base.

Transitioning from Manual Labor to Smooth Test Automation with UIlicious

Before the power of UIlicious and automation was implemented in their tool belt, Terrence Goh, Co-Founder and Product Manager of Eezee, describes a drastically different world where the engineers and developers of Eezee would manually test each feature and push them out at odd hours of the day to avoid interrupting their customers’ shopping experience on the site.

“This was excruciating,” says Goh, “Typically, we have to stay up late. Okay, that’s just to test the site. It would take about four to six hours for every feature.”

Terrence Goh, Co-founder & Product Manager at Eezee

For the team, this was a painful situation and continued to snowball as the more complex the product became, the more test cases they needed to write to cover all of their bases. Busy and bombarded with manual labor, Eezee needed a solution to their dilemma, and they needed it fast.

In the early days, Terrence revealed, “back then, we didn’t have much of an idea of how we should be doing QA testing, so we went around to Google read more, but we were just figuring out: how do we want it to work? So, we realized, we want some kind of test automation.”

Eezee’s Search for the Right Automation Tool

Finding a test automation tool that worked for Eezee was no easy feat since they desired a solution that could keep up with their dynamic quality assurance requirements and save them the hundreds of man-hours their current process was costing the team and business. 

To work with automation, Eezee searched and scavenged for an automation alternative and a QA tester that could use that automation tool. Tools they encountered often failed to address and solve these valid pain points.

“It wasn’t really clear, so we put a hold on it until I read about UIlicious. I checked out their site and was reading about what UIlicious does, and they had this demo. I found that it was pretty easy, and the barrier of entry was low. Anyone could watch the video and understand how it works.”

UIlicious is a low-code automation tool and became the perfect solution as it eliminated the requirement for advanced programming skills and gave Eezee the autonomy and empowerment they needed to start writing test scripts and automating their workflow. Being able to support all major browsers, integrating with CI/CD tools, and providing automated testing without coding skills required, UIlicious became the all-in-one testing solution that delivered that flawless user experience. 

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Breaking Down Barriers in Automation for the Everyone

Next, since Eezee already used CI/CD pipeline, automating UIlicious was a smooth addition to their workflow since it was more than capable of integrating into the CI/CD pipeline.

After adopting UIlicous into their CI/CD pipeline, they could write and run test scripts that gave them notifications as soon as their site went down.

“Prior to adding new additions to our CI/CD pipeline, our site, on average, every ten days, would go down for a couple of minutes.”

Site reliability issues had been a constant nightmare for Eezee. You can imagine the sight of engineers scrambling and shifting to provide the quickest solution. The cost of site reliability issues is customers losing their faith and trust in your ability to provide what they need and want — most importantly, trust is the foundation of every business and its brand.

“So after we adopted UIlicious, I’ve seen increased reliability in our site. I can’t remember when it was the last time our site went down.”

One of the amazing features of UIlicious that empowered Eezee was the minimal code needed to write and execute a test on the platform. For Terrence,  he said, “if we didn't have UIlicious to begin with and with our current setup, we would require one or two or even three additional QA testers. That’s the result of UIlicious.”

Anybody can write code with UIlicious to create powerful scripts to test their platform. 

With UIlicious on their side, Eeze improved their productivity, cut time costs, and, most importantly — received the empowerment they needed as they made the journey from manual testing to automation testing.

“Overall, we are really satisfied with the level of support that we receive. My team loves the product,” said Terrence.

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