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Test user journeys, not HTML

I.goTo("")"Sign up")
I.see("Join GitHub")
I.fill("Username", "brucewayne")
I.fill("Email", "[email protected]")
I.fill("Password", "supersecretpassword")"Create an account")

It's simple and robust.

UI-licious is created because we wanted a simple test language to decribe how our applications should work in a way that is meaningful to humans, so that it is sharable and is easy to maintain. Stop hard-coding ugly CSS and XPATH selectors into your tests, and write tests that can be reused across different layouts.

Use Javascript.

Variables, functions, loops, conditionals are all at your disposal.

Works on any front-end.

UI-licious works on Laravel, good old static sites, SSR sites, modern SPA applications, and even on Web Components.

Chrome Firefox Safari Internet Explorer
Supports all major browsers.

Yup. Even IE11.

Explore examples

UI-licious makes it simpler to test Laravel applications

Setting up automated tests to make sure everything works doesn't have to be rocket science anymore.

Share and replay Bug Replication Reports

Help developers diagnose issues swiftly with a complete bug replication report with screenshots for every step.


Private Projects and Test Data

Manage tests in private projects. Use Datasets to switch between test data and protect sensitive test data like passwords.

Private Projects and Datasets

Monitor continuously with Jobs

Schedule tests to run continuously with Jobs, and send alerts when tests fails!

Get error alerts via Email, Slack, and Webhooks
Email Slack Webhook
Schedule Jobs

Integrate with CI/CD

Hook your tests up to your deployment pipeline to make sure bugs are caught before they make it to production.

Read the docs
GitLab Jenkins Travis Ci Codeship Circle CI Bamboo CI TeamCity

Move fast,
Break things
Build something great.

Stop making excuses. Catch exceptions before your users do.

I.goTo("")"Sign up")
I.fill("Email", "[email protected]")
I.fill("Password", "supersecretpassword")"Sign up")
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