Are you short of hands?

Test Automation and Migration

We provide test automation services to write tests and migrate tests from other frameworks to UI-licious. Our Quality Engineers will work with you to understand your business domain, plan and setup automated tests and monitoring, and make sure your applications delivers value to your users, always.

Ongoing basis: From $1000 USD / month
Project basis: Contact us
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Are you a tester?


Want a more guided tour on how to use UI-licious? Set up office hours with us. Sit with our Quality Engineers to plan your tests and guide you through testing your simplest and most complex user journeys.

Per session: $150 USD
First three sessions are free for Pro Plus customers.
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Are you a manager?


We help teams improve their testing processes and maximise their development velocity. Our experts will work with your team of developers, testers, and DevOps to help them build more testable systems, write more maintainable tests, and setup efficient testing workflows.

Ongoing basis: $1500 USD / month
Project basis: Contact us
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