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How we work

Our dedicated team of QAs will work closely with your product and engineering team to understand how the product is designed to work and communicate issues clearly.

1) Explore

We'll start with a walkthrough with your product team to get a high level understanding of the business, the product, your users and their needs. Our QAs will then self-exploration of your application to discover its features, critical user journeys and edge cases.

2) Document and plan

As we explore your application, we'll document test cases, define test procedures, and create a formal test plan that outlines the priorities of the test cases based on business value and risk.

3) Automate

Once the test plan is created, our QA will create scripts to automate tests, starting from the most critical scenarios.

4) Check-in

Our QAs will have regular check-ins with your product and engineering team to review the test artifacts and highlight any issues.

Project showcase

E-ticketing website and Membership Portal

Singapore Mandai Wildlife Reserves needed testing for their newly revamped e-ticketing and membership portal for the Singapore Zoo, River Safari, Night Safari and Jurong Bird Park. The website has hundreds of combinations of orders for different pricing for adults, children, seniors, residents, non-residents, and seasonal promotions and packages for family units and members. Our QA engineers developed test modules that can be easily configured to test any order combination. With end-to-end tests now automated, Singapore Mandai Wildlife Reserves saved 80 manhours a week on manual testing. Testing cycles were reduced from 2 weeks to half-a-day, allowing developers to quickly catch and fix bugs in new builds.

Choose a service

We've worked on teams of different size and stages. Pick a service that best matches what your team is lacking.

Automate Service


  • Writing scripts for test automation

  • Setting up jobs to schedule test runs and error notifications

  • Weekly check-ins

Pricing: US$ 2,000 for 20 automated test scenarios

Plan + Automate Service


  • Documenting test cases

  • Creation of test plan and test prioritization

  • Writing scripts for test automation

  • Setting up jobs to schedule test runs and error notifications

  • Weekly check-ins

Pricing: US$ 3,000 for 20 automated test scenarios

Plan + Automate + Monitor Service


  • Documenting test cases

  • Creation of test plan and test prioritization

  • Writing scripts for test automation

  • Setting up jobs to schedule test runs and error notifications

  • Daily monitoring of test results

  • Preliminary investigation of test failures

  • Filing bug reproduction reports to your issue tracking system

  • Retesting and validating bug fixes

  • Daily check-ins


  • US$ 3,000 per 20 automated test scenarios

  • US$ 2,500 per month for monitoring service across all automated test scenarios

Minimum term of 3 months required.

Project Showcase

Sasha's Fine Foods is a popular online grocer in Singapore. The website is built on Shopify and offers shoppers not only the option to make one-off orders, but also the convenience of creating subscriptions to automatically re-order their favorite groceries. Our QA engineers automated end-to-end testing to validate test scenarios for one-off purchases, recurring subscriptions, and rules for weekday, weekend and public holiday delivery time slots.

Which service is right for my team?

My team has a up-to-date checklist of manual test cases performed routinely.


We recommend the Automate Service, if you simply need technical expertise to help automate existing manual test procedures.

My team is lacking up-to-date test documentation.

Your team knows what needs to be tested, but it's just not written down somewhere, and everyone's just randomly poking around the application. Sometimes bugs are not caught and make it to production. You need a test plan to coordinate testing efforts and ensure satisfactory test coverage.

We recommend the Plan+Automate Service.

Our team will help you document your test cases, prioritize them by business value and risk, and formulate a test plan.

My team is rolling out updates cowboy-style! 🏇🏇🏇

Oh my! The engineers are too busy building features to test, and you don't have a dedicated QA in-house yet, so your users or clients are doing the testing.

We recommend the Plan+Automate+Monitor Service.

Your team will be assigned a dedicated QA who will work closely with your devs to test your application and communicate issues. We'll not only formulate a test plan and automate test scripts, but we'll also monitor test results, do preliminary investigation of test failures, and file bug reproduction reports to your issue tracking system.

After-service care

We want your team to be successful even after we've completed our work.

What happens after the end of our service?

For up to 1 year, your team will receive:

  • free training sessions to onboard new testers

  • free office hours to troubleshoot test scripts

We will make sure your team is equipped with the skills to maintain and extend the automated tests on their own.

Project showcase

Precious metal asset management services platform

SilverBullion is Singapore-based precious metal exchange, P2P loan, and secure vault service. Their website requires testing for lengthy KYC forms which differ depending on the type of individual or business their customer is. The platform offers various facilities to buy, sell, certify and store previous metals and borrow/offer P2P loans securely. Our QA engineers developed test modules to cover all test scenarios for every type of customer. With automated testing, the developers at SilverBullion can now confidently ship new updates to the platform without fear that an major bug could impact their customers and affect their reputation as a trusted business.


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