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The best teams build better products and deliver them faster, because they continuously test their apps end-to-end so that they can ship with confidence.

Test user journeys, not HTML

It's not just "yet another framework".

We've engineered the UI-licious test engine from the ground up to make tests more readable and meaningful so that it can be easily validated and maintained, and agnostic to whatever HTML code is written so that tests are more robust, future-proof, and reusuable.

I.goTo("")"Log in")
I.fill("Email", "[email protected]")
I.fill("Password", "supersecretpassword")"Log in")
I.see("Invalid username or password")
Concise, readable, and meaningful.

Write and run tests within the same workbench

  • Work faster writing your tests and run them side-by-side within the Editor.
  • Organise your tests into individual projects.
UI-licious Editor

Resolve issues swiftly with complete and actionable test results

  • Save time going back and forth to collect information developers need to reproduce a bug.
  • Send your developers a replayable test report with all the information they need to reproduce the error and swiftly fix it
  • Screenshots are automatically captured for every step to help developers quickly see what's happening
Test Result with Error

Monitor your app continuously and get alerts when something breaks

  • See everything that matters in your dashboard.
  • Schedule jobs to run tests automatically.
  • Get alerts via email, Slack, webhooks when there's a problem.
Schedule jobs on the Monitoring tab
UI-licious supports major browsers on our cloud testing grid
Test on major browsers

Run your tests on Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge, and yes - even IE 11, over the cloud on the UI-licious testing grid.

UI-licious integrates with CI-CD tools
CI/CD Integration

Connect UI-licious tests to your continuous delivery pipeline using the CLI.

Read the docs
Coming soon.
Issue Tracking Integration

Connect UI-licious to your favourite issue tracking tools to track the status of errors. Coming soon.

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For individuals and small teams with small private projects or want to get started.

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UI-licious Pro

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For professionals and teams that need some heavy-lifting for large projects.

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