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Make sure your web application is delivering value to your users, instead of frustrating them with unexpected errors.

Catch errors before your users do.

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Concise & Readable Tests

Forget the ugly CSS selectors, XPATHs, and waits.
Write your tests from your user's perspective.
Our intelligent test engine can figure out what you want to do.

I.fillField("Search", "lolcats")

Works with any front-end framework

Using the shinest MV* framework, like React, Vue.js, Angular, Polymer, or perhaps just plain old Vanilla Js?
It doesn't matter.

React VueJs Angular Polymer

Reuse your tests

Can't make up your mind on your UI design?
It's cool, reuse the same tests.
Our robust test engine can intelligently figure out how to test your new UI.

There is no setup. :)

Forget the complicated setup of a testing rig, and run your tests on the cloud.

Run your tests on the cloud

Monitor continuously

Hook your tests into your CI flow and run the tests automatically.
Get notified of UI issues before your users do.

Test on major browsers

What your users see matters.
So, we run your tests on real browsers like Chrome and Firefox.
Safari, and IE are coming soon in the pipeline.

Chrome Firefox Safari Internet Explorer

Stop playing hide and seek with bugs on your website!

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