Validate your software end-to-end

And ship with confidence


Test user journeys,
not HTML.

Stop writing brittle tests with hard-coded CSS, XPATH selectors and waits.
Write tests that are meaningful to people, effortless to maintain, and reusable.

I.fill("Email", "[email protected]")
I.fill("Password", "supersecretpassword")"Sign in")
I.see("Incorrect username or password.")
How it works

UI-licious's Smart Test Engine uses dynamic code analysis to understand the structure of your web application based on semantics, and contextual hinting, to accurately identify targeted elements for testing. Learn more

Use Javascript

Use variables, loops, conditionals, and functions
for more complex scenarios.

Works on any front-end

UI-licious works on good old static sites, SSR sites, modern SPA applications, and even on Web Components.

Chrome Firefox Safari Microsoft Edge Internet Explorer
Supports all major browsers

Yup, even IE11.

Create tests for free or find out more about the professional Studio edition.

UI-licious is built for TEAMs.

UI-licious isn't just for QAs.
UI-licious is designed for the entire product team
- devs, managers, designers, marketing - to help you
express, simulate, and validate User Journeys,
and define unambiguously what is a defect.


Show, not tell

Save the hassle of asking who, what, when, where, how.
Share rich bug reproduction reports with your team to show them exactly what went wrong.

UI-licious automatically captures screenshots, exact urls, page titles, times and durations, with every step to help you swiftly diagnose issues.

UI-licious Report

Swap test data and keep secrets safe

Store environment variables and secrets with Datasets.
Datasets lets you run the same test with different test data, to test different environments.
Redact sensitive information like passwords from reports with secret variables.

UI-licious Datasets

Setup schedules and error alerts

Schedule tests to run automatically, and alert your team whenever there's a failure!

Get error alerts via Email, Slack, MS Teams, and Webhooks
Email Slack Microsoft Teams Webhook
Scheduling and setting notifications on UI-licious

Monitor and see the big picture

Take a glance at your Monitoring dashboard to quickly identify issues from the top.

UI-licious Monitoring Dashboard

Trace when things went wrong

Check the timeline to find out when a bug was introduced instead of guessing.

UI-licious Reporting Timeline

Integrate with CI/CD

Hook your tests up to your deployment pipeline to make sure bugs are caught before they make it to production.

Read the docs
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Trusted by QAs, devs, and managers

Without any coding experience, it took me less than a day to learn an adapt UI-licious. After I had an intro to Javascript, it became an even more powerful tool in my hand.

Aimee Kristel
Aimee Kristel
QA Engineer @ Glints

With UI-licious, we've significantly increased our deployment confidence, without increasing engineering cost or release cycle time.

Chi Kai Huang
Chi Kai Huang
Software Engineer @ Vault Dragon

With scheduled jobs and automatic alerts, developers and managers get Slack notification about every bug. It's a never-ending ongoing testing that saves me at least one hour every day.

Kai Hendry
Kai Hendry
DevOps @ UneeT

UI-licious is really approachable. We were using Selenium before, which only our engineers could maintain. But our non-technical testers were able to learn UI-licious really quickly.

Jones Lang Lasalle
Sulabh Bhanti
Application Manager @ Jones Lang Lasalle

Testing with @ui_licious is a breeze! Love the scripting language. Tests look almost like functional spec in English.

Software Engineer @ Transcelestial Technologies

Move fast,
Break things
Build what people want.

I.goTo("")"Sign up")
I.fill("Email", "[email protected]")
I.fill("Password", "supersecretpassword")"Sign up")
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