Let's create a web for everyone

For the blind and the seeing,
For the seniors and the digital natives,
For the people living in city and those living in remote areas with 2G,
For parents who wish they have 8 arms,
For the people with fat fingers.
For you and me.

UI-licious isn’t just about helping software makers create better products by making it easy to test user journeys.

UI-licious is founded on the desire to deliver better web experiences, for everyone.

Many of us today use the web to access important banking and government services, for everyday conveniences like finding out when the bus arrives, skipping queues at grocery stores, and to connect to old friends. Access to the web and online services significantly impacts peoples' lives, and yet many online services today are inaccessible.

Our mission to create tools to make the web more accessible and to promote #a11y standards and practices.

Come, let’s build a greater web.

We're hiring!

If you think that the web needs to have more reliable and more accessible apps, join us!
To apply, send us a mail at [email protected] and tell us about yourself.

Product & Engineering


These are the tools and frameworks that we use everyday, the stack consists of, but is not limited to:

  • Client-side: VueJs, SASS, Webpack
  • Server-side: Java, NodeJS, Ngnix
  • Infrastructure: Linux, Docker, Rancher, Jenkins, GCP, AWS
  • Testing: UI-licious 😉, WebDriver, JUnit

More importantly, what we look for in candidates is:

  • Enthusiasm to learn new technologies and architectural patterns
  • Ability to explore possible solutions to uncommon problems independently (i.e. think of something when StackOverflow doesn't have an answer)
  • Commitment to good software development practices, including doing the boring things like writing tests and documentation.
  • Team spirit and humility. Expect pair programming with folks who aren't as experienced as you, that includes your team members and customers. And dare to ask naive questions.
Software Engineer

Note: In programming terms - this is the "base class" for all other roles in the Product and Engineering department. 😉

As an software engineer, you'll be working on the design, planning, and implementation of technologies for our core product UI-licious. You will be working on various projects across the stack, until you decide that you want to be really great at one particular specialisation.

You are expected to:

  • Be savvy about classic software engineering concepts, e.g. OOP, data structures, algorithms, RDBMS, security
  • Be savvy about modern web technologies - REST APIs, caching, responsive web design, MVC/MVVM framework
  • Be proficient with technologies (or similar equivalents) used in our front and back end stacks (refer to our technology stack below).
  • Communicate with product team & users to understand product requirements and provide support
  • Document your work
  • Write tests
Front End

Do you fuss over asset load times, inconsistent styling, and usability? We're looking for software engineers who are obsessed about building fast, friendly, accessible, and testable user interfaces.

DevOps / Site Reliability

As a DevOps Engineer, your role is to:

  • Plan, monitor, and maintain our infrastructure in a scalable manner, and
  • Facilitate development process through automation

You should be proficient with Linux server administration, and be able to write scripts to automate development processes that change over time. And you should be savvy about IT infrastructure, network protocols, virtualization, load balancing, and security.

Quality Assurance

Your role is to help your team and our customers deliver reliable software. You'll be working on developing test plans, writing test scripts, making sure tests are plugged into the delivery pipeline, and advising people on best practices to write testable software and maintainable tests.

Test Engine Development

You must be mad about testing. We're looking for engineers who have deep knowledge on the WebDriver standard protocol (and/or Appium). You'll be working on further development of the UI-licious test engine to support new commands, refining algorithms to improve precision, and develop adaptors to run tests on more client platforms, and and test migration tools.

Principal Software Engineer

Does refactoring code and mentoring your peers spark joy? As a principal software engineer, your role is to plan and lead your team to implement and scale new features and improvements reliably and incrementally. You need to consider and balance sometimes conflicting demands for usability, security, performance, and code maintainability.

Developer Advocate / Quality Advocate

We're looking for developers who are passionate about their craft and want to make the web faster, more reliable, and more accessible to everyone.

As a developer advocate, your mission is to help developers build better web applications, teach them about UI testing, and advocate web standards and accessibility not just because it makes the UI more testable, but also because it's better for all of us, as users.

What you'll be working on:

  • Develop and present technical content (blogs, talks, workshops) on relevant topics
  • Engage community to spark conversations on relevant topics (through online platforms e.g. dev.to, social media, meetups, conferences etc.)
  • Find out reasons software teams aren't using UI-licious yet and share the feedback with the Product team.

Sales & Marketing

Digital Marketing Executive

We’re looking for a data-driven digital marketing executive to join our team. You will be responsible for identifying market segments and developing campaigns to increase brand awareness and capture leads.

You are expected to:

  • Research themes and keywords relevant to personas in targeted market segments
  • Develop campaigns to capture new customers or nurture future customers.
  • Collect, monitor and analyse performance metrics of the campaigns
  • Use a data-driven approach to test and optimise campaigns
  • Source and collaborate with designers and agencies to develop marketing collaterals

You should be familiar with:

  • Keyword research and search engine optimisation
  • Developing and managing campaigns on digital advertising platforms (e.g. Google Adwords) and social media platforms (e.g. LinkedIn, Twitter)
  • Tools and methods to collect and analyse campaign performance (e.g. Google Analytics, Matoma Analytics)
  • Marketing automation tools (e.g. Hubspot, Mailchimp)
  • Content management systems

Sales Representative

We’re looking for a Sales Representative to drive enterprise sales.

Your role is to:

  • Learn how UI-licious works and demonstrate simple use cases
  • Source for and reach out to qualified high-value leads
  • Identify stakeholders and key decision makers
  • Work with Sale Engineers to identify projects ready for test automation to arrange pilot engagements and following up with negotiating contracts, navigating procurement, and closing the sale.

Technical knowledge is nice to have, but not required, Sales Engineers will provide you technical support. More importantly, you need to have the ability to listen, be curious, and ask questions to understand the business and software development processes of the prospect.