UIlicious affiliate program

Earn money by helping your audience know they can now test their web products with ease.

Why join the UIlicious affiliate program?

High Earnings

Receive commissions on every payment made by new clients you refer for an entire year.

Win-Win Model

On top of your commission, the clients you refer get 10% discount on our offers.

Dedicated Help

Get access to dedicated documentation, tutorials, and an affiliate manager.

How does it work?

Earn commissions for clients you refer. What you earn depends on the net amount on client's invoice.

Personal Plan

  • 80% commission of first month payment

  • 20% commission of following payments up to a year

Business Plans

  • 20% commission for payments up to a year

How to register?



Send your application in less than 2 minutes. We'll need a few information about yourself.



Our team validates your site's application so that you can access your own affiliate dashboard.



Get the information and tools to promote UIlicious and increase your chances of generating conversions.



Get your commission every time a user you referred chooses a paid plan on UIlicious.

Frequently asked questions

Registration & Attribution

Upon approval of your application, we will provide you with a unique referral link and an access to our affiliate marketing kit. All you have to do is place your banners links in your pieces of content and everywhere else on your website. You will receive commissions every time you refer a new customer who makes a purchase and during all their subscription lifetime.

This is not mandatory. But we strongly recommend that you try our test tool before applying for an affiliate account.

A client is attributed a full year to its referrer, which means that you will receive a commission for all payments that will be made during the first year of a client that you have referred.

Commission Payments

There is absolutely no limit! The more customers you refer, the more commissions you will earn.

Yes, we transfer commissions to our affiliates accounts only when their balance reaches $100.

Payments are processed through PayPal on a monthly basis.

In the event where commissions do not exceed the minimum transferable amount during any month, payments will be compounded and carried forward until it surpasses the minimum required withdrawal amount. Until aggregate referral fees equal or exceed said amount, payments will be credited during the following month or until the termination of the contract between UIlicious and the affiliate, whichever occurs earlier.

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