What's new: 🎨 Customize PDF Test Reports with your Brand

By Muzdaheer Amil | September 7, 2022

Show off your company’s brand in your PDF test reports with the new Custom Branding feature. You can now replace the UIlicious logo with your own, and change the colors to suit your brand’s theme. Now available to all Business plans.

How to add your own branding

Step 1: Login to UIlicious, open your project, click on the “Gear” icon to open your Project Settings, and then click on the Branding tab.

Step 2: Upload your company logo. This will be shown on the cover page of the PDF Test Reports. It is recommended to upload your logo in SVG or PNG format so that it renders beautifully on the report. You can also adjust the size of the logo, and the background color to suit the colors of your logo.

Step 3: Click the Update button to save your changes.

Now your PDF reports will have a cover page with your company’s branding.

Go proudly share the PDF Test Reports with your team members and clients!

We'd love your feedback. Check out our product roadmap on Upvoty and feel free to add your suggestions. We'd like to see you on our Discord channel as well and talk about all things testing.

About Muzdaheer Amil

I have been working as a QA for 5 years as a Manual and Automation Tester. I could say this would be my best career progression so far, starting out as a junior QA game tester, progressing to QA Automation Engineer and now a Quality Advocate.

As a regular person, I love travelling, cycling, games and of course food.