Let's create a web for everyone

For the blind and the seeing,
For the seniors and the digital natives,
For the people living in city and those living in remote areas with 2G,
For parents who wish they have 8 arms,
For the people with fat fingers.
For you and me.

UI-licious isn’t just about helping software makers create better products by making it easy to test user journeys.

UI-licious is founded on the desire to deliver better web experiences, for everyone.

Many of us today use the web to access important banking and government services, for everyday conveniences like finding out when the bus arrives, skipping queues at grocery stores, and to connect to old friends. Access to the web and online services significantly impacts peoples' lives, and yet many online services today are inaccessible.

Our mission to create tools to make the web more accessible and to promote #a11y standards and practices.

Come, let’s build a greater web.