What's new: 💬 Annotate and comment on Test Reports

By Muzdaheer Amil | October 6, 2022

Communicate issues with your team clearly with the new Test Report Annotations feature. You can now draw over screenshots in the test reports and write comments to point out issues to your team members.

No more pointing and gesturing at the screen, just annotate and comment!

How to Annotate Test Reports and Create an Issue

Step 1: Open a test report. Click on the Add Issue button. Then, draw a rectangle over the screenshot where you want to point out an problem.

Let's create an issue to point out what's wrong

Step 2: Write a comment to describe the issue clearly to your team. You can select Fail the step checkbox if you want to change the status of a passing step to a failed step. Click Post to create an issue.

Describe the issue clearly.

Step 3: Copy the link to the issue and share it with your team members on Jira or on your work chat application.

Share the link to an issue with your teammates

Step 4: You can view all issues on a Test Report by clicking the "Issues" tab below the Test Report.

Replying to an issue

Open an issue and write a reply to discuss the issue with your team members within UIlicious.

Communicate, communicate, communicate!

Other improvements

We've also made other enhancements to improve your experience:

Bigger is better!

We love to hear your feedback! Check out our product roadmap on Upvoty and feel free to add your suggestions. We'd like to see you on our Discord channel as well and talk about all things testing.

About Muzdaheer Amil

I have been working as a QA for 5 years as a Manual and Automation Tester. I could say this would be my best career progression so far, starting out as a junior QA game tester, progressing to QA Automation Engineer and now a Quality Advocate.

As a regular person, I love travelling, cycling, games and of course food.