vue-online-prop - Am I online? A tiny VueJS plugin (<1kb)

By Tai Shi Ling | June 20, 2019

I just wanted one thing only and only one thing.

I just want a reactive property $online in all my Vue components to tell me if the user is connected to the internet or not.

I know I know, there's already a bunch of existing vue-online packages, but... No thanks, I don't need the extra UI components bundled in...

So I made vue-online-prop (npm, GitHub)


import VueOnlineProp from "vue-online-prop"


<div v-if="!$online"> 
    You are currently offline!


That's all!

(Extras) How it is made

How to check if I am online with Javascript

You can query the internet connectivity through Javascript using navigator.onLine, and listen to changes to the connectivity using the online and offline events on the window.

👉MDN docs on navigator.onLine

Creating the VueJS plugin

This plugin simply listens to the online and offline events on the window, and sets the value of navigator.onLine to a reactive property status managed by the plugin. When the plugin is installed using Vue.use(VueOnlineProp), it adds a beforeCreate mixin, which will bind the reactive property status to the $online property in every component. (👉 Here's the code)

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