I just wanted one thing only and only one thing.

I just want a reactive property $online in all my Vue components to tell me if the user is connected to the internet or not.

I know I know, there's already a bunch of existing vue-online packages, but... No thanks, I don't need the extra UI components bundled in...

So I made vue-online-prop (npm, github)


import VueOnlineProp from "vue-online-prop"


<div v-if="!$online"> 
    You are currently offline!


I added a offline indicator!

That's all!

(Extras) How it is made

How to check if I am online with Javascript

You can query the internet connectivity through Javascript using navigator.onLine, and listen to changes to the connectivity using the online and offline events on the window.

๐Ÿ‘‰MDN docs on navigator.onLine

Creating the VueJS plugin

This plugin simply listens to the online and offline events on the window, and sets the value of navigator.onLine to a reactive property status managed by the plugin. When the plugin is installed using Vue.use(VueOnlineProp), it adds a beforeCreate mixin, which will to bind the reactive property status to the $online property in every component. (๐Ÿ‘‰Here's the code)

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