Generate cross-browser tests with AI

UIlicious TAMI (Test Authoring Machine Intelligence) is your personal AI co-pilot for writing tests. Save time and let TAMI help you write tests for your website. Simply tell TAMI what to test, and it will generate tests for you or help you modify existing ones.

TAMI can assist you in many ways!

Here's some ways that you use AI to create tests.

Write tests with AI

With TAMI, you no longer need to spend hours writing tests for your website. Simply tell TAMI what needs to be tested, and it will imagine the user journey for the scenario and start writing the test. Experience the power of AI in test authoring with TAMI.

Here's a simple example to buy a product from Sephora.

Extend tests with AI

TAMI can also modify your existing tests. Simply select the test you want to extend and describe what should follow, and TAMI will take care of the rest. With TAMI, you won't need to write a single line of code.

Let's extend the previous test to proceed to checkout.

Localize tests with AI

With TAMI, you can easily localize your tests for websites in different languages. TAMI can generate a localized version of your tests from existing tests. Say goodbye to the hassle of manually creating tests for each language, and let TAMI take care of it for you.

Let's convert this test for Figma's login flow from English to German!

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With TAMI, you can save time and let AI generate tests for your website. Say goodbye to manual test creation and hello to TAMI.

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What is UIlicious?

UIlicious is a low-code tool that allows you to write and run tests for your website. With UIlicious, you can catch bugs and ensure that your website works perfectly.

Now, with AI-powered automation, testing has never been easier!

Write, run, and schedule tests in the cloud.

No need to install and connect various testing software, libraries, frameworks, browsers, browser drivers, Selenium grid hubs, etc., and continuously keep them up to date.

Everything is baked into UIlicious, so you can jump right in and focus on writing tests.

Replay tests

Show your engineers exactly how, what, when, and where is a bug happening in your web application with test reports you can rewind and replay.

Click the button to replay the test.

Clikc the and buttons to go to the previous and next steps.

Schedule test and get notified on errors

With UIlicious, you can schedule tests to run automatically, freeing up your time to focus on other tasks. Set up notifications to alert you when tests fail, so that you can stay on top of bugs and catch them before they manifest in production.

Catch bugs before your users do

It's embarrassing if users report bugs, but even worse if they don't.

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