Personal Plan: Automation testing tool for solo testers

By Michaël da Silva Paternoster | October 13, 2021

Today, we have taken another step to make web test automation accessible to everyone. We have just launched the cheapest offer we have ever made, namely the Personal Plan.

Automated tests for freelancers and small projects

Up until now, we've been able to create a variety of offerings that meet the needs of most companies looking to test their web apps and websites. But, we realized that we could take our efforts a little further to make our all-in-one testing solution more accessible to smaller teams and solo workers.

The first obvious point of difference compared to our business plans is the reduced price of the Personal Plan. Freelancers and other solo testers will only have to pay $12 per month to run up to two tests simultaneously.

But, the Personal Plan cannot be shared with other members. If you want to collaborate with your team, we advise you to switch to a business plan instead. You can see the content of all our other offers on our Pricing page.

Features included in the Personal Plan

As we offer this plan at a much lower price than the other UIlicious packages, its features list is compact. Here is a short comparison of the main differences between the Personal Plan and our other paid plans:

Personal Plan

Business Plans


Testing on Chrome only

Test on up to 6 different browsers


Limited to 5 projects

Unlimited projects


Unlimited scheduled tests

Unlimited scheduled tests


Region testing is not included

Region testing available

Here again, you can compare our paid plans in more detail on the Pricing page of our website.

Please contact us if you have any questions about UIlicious. You can also book a demo so we can show you what our testing platform is capable of in a real-life setting.

That's all for today! We'll be back soon with more features that will make your testing process even more efficient. Until then, I hope you'll make the bugs drop as autumn leaves with UIlicious.

I'm still looking for a seasonal metaphor that would work for our friends in the southern hemisphere 🦘🦜🦏, sorry. 😆

Cover image: Credits to Iris Wang

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