Automation testing
made easy

Automate your tests easily with UIlicious, so you can spend less time testing and more time improving your product.

Test across different browsers,
screens, and locations

Ensure that your website looks and functions the way you intended. Using UIlicious, you can test your website against real-world conditions and catch bugs before they become actual issues.

Cross-browser testing

Ensure that your website or web app looks and behaves consistently across all major browsers, like Chrome, Safari, or Firefox.

Screen resolution testing

Test your product on a range of screen resolutions, from smartphones to desktop monitors.

Geolocation testing

Verify that your website is serving localized content to your users wherever they are from.

Test user journeys, not HTML

Write tests that are easy-to-read, maintainable, and functional with UIlicious. With our intuitive language, you can transform your user stories into automated tests in seconds without any prior coding experience.

I.see("Netflix and third parties use cookies");"Accept");"Sign In");
I.fill("Email","[email protected]");
I.fill("Password","password");"Sign in");
I.see("Sorry, we can't find an account with this email address.")

Create your own test  

Create your own tests

Use built-in functions to interact with web page elements and other tests.

Smart targeting

UIlicious uses dynamic code analysis to understand the structure of your website based on semantic HTML and ARIA attributes.

Smart waits

UIlicious automatically waits for elements on the page to be visible before attempting to interact with it, so you don’t need to add explicit waits everywhere.


Easily store environment variables and secrets with UIlicious. Datasets let you quickly verify different variations of your user journeys using the same test scripts.

Run tests in suites

Instead of running each test individually, aggregate them into a single report that will allow you to quickly identify if anything went wrong without having check every single one.

“In the past, we needed 5 engineers to test over 4 days per release cycle. But with UIlicious, we just needed 1 engineer for 2 days. That’s a 10x reduction, from 160 manhours to 16 manhours per release cycle. This saves me about $67,000 in a year, and lets my engineers spend more time building features instead of testing.”

Ernest Sim
Co-founder & Head of Tech at Grain

Test more in less time

UIlicious is the best way to get your tests running faster and cheaper. It will save you time and money by empowering anyone in your team to create robust test scripts.

With UIlicious, Ernest achieved:

93%⬇ in operating expenses reduction

80%⬇ in manpower saving

50%⬇ in time-saving

What our users are saying about UIlicious

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    Without any coding experience, it took me less than a day to learn an adapt UIlicious. After I had an intro to Javascript, it became an even more powerful tool in my hand.

    Aimee Kristel
    QA Engineer @ Glints
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    Testing with @ui_licious is a breeze! Love the scripting language. Tests look almost like functional spec in English.

    Zhan Wei
    Software Engineer @ Transcelestial Technologies
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    UIlicious is really approachable. We were using Selenium before, which only our engineers could maintain. But our non-technical testers were able to learn UIlicious really quickly.

    Sulabh Bhanti
    Application Manager @ Jones Lang Laselle

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I.fill("Email", "[email protected]")
I.fill("Password", "supersecretpassword")"Sign in")
I.see("Incorrect username or password.")

Create your own test