Monitor your automated tests continuously

Monitor your web app or website by running automated tests whenever you need them. Schedule your tests to run on set intervals or at specific times. Get notified instantly when your web test results are not as expected.

Schedule your tests anytime, any day

UIlicious never sleeps, you can schedule jobs to automatically test at night, on weekends, every hour. UIlicious never complains either... unless the test fails!

Add scripts to test in bulk,
and save time scheduling your jobs.

Select the web browsers
on which you want to run your tests.

Tests on any screen resolution
to be able to detect any visual regression.

Customize your user-agent
to test dedicated user paths effortlessly.

Choose from a dozen regions,
ensure your service works around the world.

Pick a weekday, an hour...
Make your test run daily, weekly... You choose!

Get notified instantly when something is broken

Receive a test report whenever a test fails in your everyday email and chat communication tools.


Slack and Microsoft Teams


Spot defects at first glance

Get an overview of your automated tests through your monitoring dashboard.

See details on the number of successful tests and errors per web browser.

Find out in just a few seconds when a test stopped working properly with your test history.

Keep it agile with CI/CD

Easily integrate UIlicious into your deployment pipeline. Trigger test runs on deployment by plugging in UIlicious into your CI/CD pipeline using the `uilicious-cli`.  You can quickly test the latest features that have been committed by your development team before they go live.

Discover UIlicious

Automated cross-browser testing

Run tests on any resolution and browser.

Get detailed test reports

Find how, when, and why a bug happens.

Move fast,
break things,
build what
people want

I.fill("Email", "[email protected]")
I.fill("Password", "supersecretpassword")"Sign in")
I.see("Incorrect username or password.")

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